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The Department of Labor oversees many important laws that affect our everyday lives.

Commonly Asked Department of Labor Questions

How can I get information about federal laws involving overtime, work hours, and other employment issues?

The Fair Labor Standards Act regulates many aspect of how employees are paid in this country. Read the Department of Labor's "Handy Reference Guide to the Fair Labor Standards Act"

How do I take advantage of the Family and Medical Leave Act?

There are many misconceptions about the Family and Medical Leave Act of 1993. For example, in most cases you need to talk to your employer about it before you take time off. Also, the law affects all public employers, but only private employers who have 50 or more employees. Read the Department of Labor's FMLA Fact Sheet

Office Contact

In order to open a case on your behalf , I need a signed letter or privacy authorization form from you, giving permission to look into your case. Due to the Privacy Act of 1974, no inquiries can be made without such written consent. As such, an e-mail will not suffice as a release. A written signature must be given.

For all Department of Labor issues, please download and fill out the privacy authorization form and mail or fax it to Danielle Henry in my Boulder office.

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