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Foreign Policy

Jared believes that as Americans, we have a responsibility to apply our resources and knowhow to eradicate extreme poverty and raise the collective standard of living. He is a vocal proponent of the Sustainable Development Goals—the UN development agenda released in 2015 as a successor of the Millennium Development Goals.  The 17 target-driven, progress-oriented objectives require every UN member country to enact national polices on gender equality, food security, family planning, sustainable consumption, and inclusive education and health services—among many others—to ensure a stronger, more resilient world. In Congress, Jared regularly signs letters and supports legislation to this effect.

Jared is also a passionate advocate for global human rights. He serves on the Tom Lantos Human Rights Commission, a bipartisan congressional committee dedicated to supporting internationally recognized human rights norms as determined by the UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

Jared is particularly vocal about matters related to the bilateral relationship between Mexico, Nepal, and Kurdistan. As co-chair of the U.S.-Mexico Friendship Caucus, U.S.-Nepal Caucus, and Kurdish-American Caucus, Jared works towards  greater understanding of the unique challenges faced by each region, and ways our respective governments can work together to create positive regional change.

Commitment to Our Armed Forces

Jared has profound respect for the men and women bravely serving in our military throughout the world. In order for the institution to retain the best and the brightest in all fields, he helped lead the fight to repeal the “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” policy.

Jared believes that support for our military involves a commitment to care for that individual both in the line of duty and after his or her return home. It is Congress's responsibility to ensure the U.S. government is keeping its promise to veterans and military families across the country.

As your Representative, Jared has worked with the Colorado congressional delegation, and numerous veterans organizations in Colorado to advocate for more accountability in the VA and for oversight during the creation and construction of the Denver VA Medical Center at the University of Colorado hospital complex in Aurora.

Jared supports a robust, efficient, and transparent Department of Veterans Affairs that provides veterans with timely, high-quality health care—regardless of where they live or how much money they have. Jared is working tirelessly to ensure that veterans all across the country – including Colorado's 413,000 veterans – have access to quality educational opportunities and job training programs that cater to their diverse needs.

Office Contact: For more information on or questions about foreign policy or veterans issues, please contact Tom Clancy in the Washington Office. You can also visit Congressman Polis' Legislation Page or find information on bills and amendments that he’s cosponsored in Congress.

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