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  • HR 59 and HR 3210
    Posted in Floor Speeches on September 30, 2013 | Preview rr
    Tags: Health Care

    Mr. Speaker, what on Earth are we doing here? This is the wealthiest, most free, greatest Nation on the face of the Earth, and we're seriously debating a Republican proposal to close down our Federal Government? Why are we doing this to ourselves? I understand that a majority of the people in this body, the House of Representatives, controlled by Republicans, don't like the Affordable Care Act. I understand that. It's been very clear. They've voted on repealing it 43 times. That's very, very cle... Read more

  • HR 59, Continuing Appropriations Resolution, 2014
    Posted in Floor Speeches on September 30, 2013 | Preview rr
    Tags: Economy, Health Care

    Mr. Speaker, here we are, T minus 6 hours and 7 minutes till a shutdown of our Federal Government, the greatest country on the face of the Earth with such a dysfunctional Congress that we can't even keep our own government open. We'll be voting on a bill tonight that will lead to a government shutdown. Now, look, why will it lead to a government shutdown? It's because we have a separation of powers in our Constitution. This House of Representatives does not unilaterally run the country. We have ... Read more

  • Drug Quality and Security Act
    Posted in Floor Speeches on September 28, 2013 | Preview rr
    Tags: Health Care

    Mr. Speaker, I rise in support of H.R. 3204, the Drug Quality Security Act. The merits of this legislation are clear: it provides additional oversight of the preparation of compound medications. It institutes new labeling requirements and clarifies existing ones. And it helps us track products from manufacturer to consumer. Coloradans in my district will be safer when this bill is signed into law. But Mr. Speaker, this bill also serves as a reminder that despite the differences between Republica... Read more

  • Moment of Silence in Remembrance of Colorado Flood Victims
    Posted in Floor Speeches on September 25, 2013 | Preview rr
    Tags: Local Issues

    Mr. Speaker, none of us ever want to be down here as Representatives and as a delegation talking about a disaster in our districts. But last week, Coloradans in an instant lost their homes and businesses, their hopes and dreams, and in some cases, tragically, their lives. Amid the despair and the disaster, people came together, helping dig one another out. Our sheriff's departments and the National Guard showed heroism, airlifting thousands of Coloradans to safety. Today we mourn the tragic loss... Read more

  • Congratulations to the Boulder Weekly
    Posted in Floor Speeches on September 11, 2013 | Preview rr
    Tags: Local Issues

    Mr. Speaker, I rise today to congratulate the Boulder Weekly--an alternative newspaper based in my hometown of Boulder, Colorado--on 20 years of publication, a challenging feat for any newspaper, even more so for a newspaper that's freely available to readers both in Boulder County, where print editions are freely distributed, as well as nationally over the Internet. They've had a number of in-depth, incisive reports that have uncovered human rights abuses within our own prison system in Colorad... Read more

  • H.R. 2775, No Subsidies without Verification Act
    Posted in Floor Speeches on September 11, 2013 | Preview rr
    Tags: Health Care

    Mr. Speaker, I rise in opposition to the rule and the underlying bill. This bill is redundant, and it's a waste of time. The Department of Health and Human Services already has a plan in place to review individual information submitted to health care exchanges and to ensure that no one is able to get health insurance tax credits that they aren't eligible for. So, instead of considering these redundant bills, let me talk about what we're not considering here today which would actually solve a pro... Read more

  • In Memory of Pete Mirelez
    Posted in Floor Speeches on August 9, 2013 | Preview rr
    Tags: Local Issues

    Mr. Speaker, I rise today in memory of Mr. Pete Mirelez, who served as a role model and mentor to his community. He was proud to be the first Hispanic Adams County Commissioner and stated that after his family and friends his second love was Adams County. Pete Mirelez was born in LaSalle, Colorado and was the first person in his family to receive a college degree, completing his studies at Chadron State College in Chadron, Nebraska. Pete served as Adams County's first Director of the War on Pove... Read more

  • In Recognition of Bayaud Enterprises
    Posted in Floor Speeches on August 1, 2013 | Preview rr
    Tags: Local Issues

    Mr. Speaker, I rise today to recognize Bayaud Enterprises, a non-profit organization dedicated to instilling hope, opportunity, and choice into Colorado's disabled community by providing unparalleled job training and placement services. Founded in 1969, Bayaud Enterprises has been an invaluable resource to the community. This year alone, they have placed over 600 Colorado citizens into competitive positions. Bayaud uses an integrated approach to help find suitable employment for individuals with... Read more

  • Recognizing the 40th Anniversary of the Council for Responsible Nutrition
    Posted in Floor Speeches on August 1, 2013 | Preview rr
    Tags: Health Care

    Mr. Speaker, I rise today to honor the Council for Responsible Nutrition (CRN) on its 40th Anniversary. CRN is the leading trade association representing dietary supplement manufacturers, ingredient suppliers, and companies that supply services for the supplement industry--all of which are committed to responsible industry. CRN was formed in 1973 by three companies, with the primary objective to establish an association of dietary supplement companies with a strong commitment to science, researc... Read more

  • Bipartisan Student Loan Certainty Act of 2013
    Posted in Floor Speeches on July 31, 2013 | Preview rr
    Tags: Education

    I'm very pleased that finally we are taking action on the pressing issue of college affordability for constituents of mine across Colorado and Americans across our country. Absent congressional action, the current law today has effectively doubled the interest rate that our neediest families pay to be able to borrow money for afford college to 6.8 percent. I believe that the previous bill that passed the House was better than the doubling to 6.8 percent. It would save families money in the short... Read more

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