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Polis Response to the President's State of the Union Address

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Washington, January 12, 2016 | comments

Rep. Jared Polis (CO-02) released the following statement tonight in response to President Obama's final State of the Union address before Congress:

"Tonight the President urged Congress to make 2016 a year of action, and I echo that call in the strongest terms possible.

"Under seven years of President Obama’s leadership, our nation has made extraordinary progress in several areas – a historic international climate accord, a DREAMer program that has helped over half a million Americans build lives in this country, a modern education law to replace the outdated No Child Left Behind, historic civil rights gains for LGBT Americans, and 70 consecutive months of job growth.

"But our work is far, far from complete. Because of congressional inaction, our economy is still suffering under a broken immigration system that has needlessly torn apart thousands of families and forced millions of aspiring Americans to live in the shadows. Students in every state are forced to make an impossible choice between forgoing a college education and taking on a lifetime of debt. Startups and small businesses in my district and across the country are hampered by a byzantine tax code that stifles innovation and unfairly burdens middle-class families.

"President Obama outlined a strong vision for how our nation can build upon the progress of the last seven years and continue growing an economy that promotes innovation, works for working families, and gives every American access to a high-quality education. But he also made it clear that we can’t achieve these goals without looking past our political differences and instead focusing on the values that unite us as a country. Only by working across the aisle to find common ground can we ever expect to reach our most ambitious goals and tackle our most difficult challenges."

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