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Polis statement on another short-term government funding bill

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Washington, February 6, 2018 | comments

Washington, Rep. Jared Polis, D-Colo., gave the following statement after the House of Representatives approved another short-term, stop-gap budget:

"Once again, Congress is punting its responsibilities.  Once again, we are at risk of a shutdown in another few weeks.  Once again, we have done nothing to save the dreamers, who only know the U.S. as home and are at risk of deportation because of President Trump.  It is the same tired story, and the American people deserve better,” said Polis.  “American families know you can’t run a household this way, and you certainly can’t run a country this way.  We must craft a year-long bipartisan budget immediately.”

The stop-gap budget extends government funding until March 23. 

During the amendment process, Polis offered amendments to the government funding bill to incorporate the DREAM Act, restrict the Dept. of Justice from going after states that have legalized marijuana, and reign in the bloated defense budget. 

Since the announcement that the Trump administration will terminate DACA, Polis has been exhausting every option possible to find a fix that is as expansive and inclusive of as many dreamers as possible.  He is a sponsor of the Dream Act, USA Act, BRIDGE Act, American Hope Act of 2017, ENLIST Act. He participates in a taskforce on immigration with the bipartisan Congressional Problem Solvers Caucus, and has been actively collaborating with the Congressional Hispanic Caucus.

The McClintock-Polis amendment would have prevented the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) from prosecuting anyone for using, selling, or possessing marijuana in compliance with state laws - protecting the legal marijuana industry across the country from federal interference. Polis has offered the McClintock-Polis amendment several times, and urged leadership to allow a vote on it, gathering the signatures of 68 other Members of Congress who agree. 

In addition, Polis attempted to decrease defense spending by 1 percent, still leaving defense spending at a higher level than in previous years.  Congress has historically funded the Dept. of Defense above what the department requests. 


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