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Letter to the CU-Boulder Chancellor about CUSG

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Washington, April 5, 2018 | comments

Philip P. DiStefano

Office of the Chancellor

University Administrative Center

914 Broadway

Boulder, CO 80309

Dear Chancellor DiStefano: 

The University of Colorado Student Government has a proud history of empowering students.  It’s a history that the University of Colorado at Boulder should hold in the highest regard.  Many who have participated in student government at the University of Colorado have gone on to contribute to the State of Colorado, nation, and world in meaningful ways.  Student government is a training ground for young leaders, and it allows the students to have a say in their educational experience.  

I am urging you to reconsider your latest decision to reverse the longstanding agreement between the student government and university.  The students deserve to have oversight and control over student fees. 

At a minimum, the students should have been given ample time to weigh in before the university made such a drastic change.  But with the decision coming right after spring break and directly before the end of the school year, the student voice was left out.  They deserve to be heard.  

As you know, the cost of education beyond high school has skyrocketed nationwide, and as we strive to make college more affordable and accessible - we must address everything from tuition to textbooks to student fees.  We want the students to be engaged in this process.  By allowing students to have oversight over student fees, we can better understand their needs and priorities.  

The bottom line is the university serves Colorado and its students, and it should be proud of its service.  In so many ways, the university leads the nation, so let’s continue to show the nation how to empower students.  Because every time we empower them, they will make us proud.    


Jared Polis

Member of Congress 

Read the official letter here

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