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Polis named one of only 11 “Fiscal Heroes” in Congress

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Washington, September 6, 2018 | Jessica Bralish ((720) 899-0182) | comments

Rep. Jared Polis, D-Colo., was named a “Fiscal Hero” of 2018 by the nonpartisan group “Fix the Debt.”

In 2018, only 11 (out of 535) members of the House of Representatives and the Senate received the award. The honor comes as Polis continues to fight against the looming financial crisis. The nation has amassed $21 trillion in debt and is on the verge of hitting a $1 trillion deficit.  

“Too many politicians overspend to curry favor with special interest groups. It doesn’t seem to matter who the President is, it just gets worse and worse. We have to stop this spending spree because it only leaves us on shaky economic ground, beholden to the foreign countries we borrow from,” said Polis. “Washington can learn a lot from the average American family that lives within their means, accounting for everything from housing and utilities, to groceries, insurance, and transportation.”

Maya MacGuineas, Head of the Campaign to Fix the Debt, said: “Rep. Polis showed courage and leadership at a time when most lawmakers were content to add considerably to the national debt even though it is already historically high and rapidly rising towards record levels. Waiting to fix the debt will only make it harder to do, which is why it is important to recognize those few like Rep. Polis who are not running away from the problem.”

Polis is one of the only Democrats to champion a balanced budget amendment, which would require Congress to spend within its means. Throughout his time in Congress, he has strived to lower the national debt and deficit, sponsoring over 100 spending cuts, including:  

  • An amendment to prohibit Members of Congress and the President from receiving basic pay during a government shutdown.
  • A motion to end a wasteful, special interest earmark that would spend $30 million on a highway in Canada and a $3.7 billion on a wasteful project for a beltway around the city of Birmingham, Alabama.
  • An amendment to reduce funds for fossil energy research and development by $285 million.
  • An amendment to reduce funding for nuclear weapons technology programs by nearly $300 million, and to apply the savings to deficit reduction.

Fiscal Heroes have distinguished themselves by taking fiscally responsible votes, pushing their party leaders to make debt a priority, leading bipartisan discussions on policy options to fix the debt, using their town hall meetings to engage and educate constituents, delivering floor speeches to raise awareness about the issue, and introducing legislation to improve the nation's fiscal situation.

Fix the Debt is a nonpartisan organization that seeks to educate the country about the need for fiscal reform and set the debt on a sustainable plan.


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